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Who We Are

Our Story

Stewart's Drive-In Burlington opened for business in the spring of 1947. The original owners were Jim and Madeleine Colbourn. Jim and Madeleine ran the business for 22 years until Stratis and Jo-Ann Xenakis partnered with Van and Ann Lambides to purchase Stewart's from the Colbourns when they retired in 1970. Stratis and Van along with their wives ran the business together until Van's passing in 1991. At that point, Kirk Xenakis purchased the Lambides' share and ran the business alongside his father and mother until their retirement. 

Kirk Xenakis continues to own and operate the business with the help of his sister Thea Malapetsas. Since its origination, Stewart's has been a family-run operation with a high standard of quality and service while remaining community-oriented. While they were growing up, Kirk and his sisters Thea and Maria were a big part of the operation as Kirk's children continue the tradition of being an integral part of the operation today. We have been blessed to have great staff throughout the decades that have kept the standards of quality and service high while many becoming like family. 

We have been blessed to be part of a great community that has continued to support and patronize us for many years. We hear many stories of people who have come since they were young who now bring their children and grandchildren. We have focused on doing our best to adapt to the changing times while keeping Stewarts as original as possible. Please stop and see us through the spring and summer months!

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